Carpets are a major investment for businesses. Regular cleaning and extraction helps extend their life and gives your establishment a clean, professional appearance. Dirty, soiled carpets are not only unsightly but can also negatively impact employee and customer morale. Regular carpet cleanings also help control the levels of airborne allergens and bacteria that can aggravate breathing problems in some people.

Most carpets need to be cleaned at least once every year. While some carpets may require more frequent cleaning, most will benefit from a professional carpet-cleaning service. Professional-grade carpet cleaners and extractors use a hot water extraction method that removes dirt, dust, dander, and other allergens from the deeper layers of the carpet. This process helps prevent the buildup of sticky residues on carpet fibers, which can accelerate re-soiling.

A truck-mounted, hot-water extraction machine sprays hot liquid (usually either water or water mixed with a small amount of detergent) into the carpet pile and immediately vacuums it, as well as grime, away. This type of carpet cleaning is the preferred method of many cleaning companies because it is very effective and is safe to use on most types of carpet. However, it is important to hire a company that uses environmentally friendly cleaning solutions, since chemicals can be harmful to people, children, pets, and the environment.

The hot-water extraction process begins with preconditioning, which is the application of an alkaline solution, such as an ammonia solution for synthetic carpets or a mild acetic acid solution for woollen ones, to loosen dirt particles and restore a neutral carpet-fiber pH. Next, a pressurized manual or automatic carpet-scrubbing machine scrubs the surface of the carpet to agitate and loosen soil particles. Then, a pressurized machine passes a powerful wand-like cleaning tool over the surface to rinse and extract the loosed dirt.

Other professional cleaning companies offer a dry carpet-cleaning option, which involves the use of special cleaning compounds and no water. This is sometimes referred to as very low moisture or VLM, and is growing in popularity due to its rapid drying time and ability to be used on the same day as regular maintenance. This system is less costly than conventional wet cleaning, but it can leave behind an unpleasant, musty odor.

Whether you choose to shampoo, steam or use a very-low-moisture cleaning system, routine carpet-extraction services are important for extending the lifespan of your commercial property’s flooring and maintaining its health and appearance. It is best to schedule cleanings before stains or heavy soiling occur, though. This way, you can save yourself the cost of replacing your carpets.

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