Email validation web service is a tool that helps to check the authenticity of email address and ensures the deliverability of an email. It also helps in reducing bounce rates, spam complaints and protecting brand reputation. This tool is useful for any kind of online business that uses sign up forms, such as a discussion board or bulletin boards, file hosting services, e-commerce sites, online shopping and more. Email verification is a vital process for any digital marketing campaign to increase the inbox placement and improve the email deliverability.

A good email validation web service will provide a range of verification methods including syntax checks, typo checks, SMTP verification and more. It will also verify whether the email address is a dynamic temporary one or not. It can be easily integrated with any form on your website or ESP and will help in keeping your list clean of bad addresses. It will automatically filter out spam traps and invalid emails to prevent them from being used for malicious activity. It will allow you to upload large lists for fast processing and offer real-time API integration to get instant results.

This email validation web service has a high accuracy rate and can verify emails from all major mailbox providers, including Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo and more. It also has the ability to detect dynamically changing temporary email addresses and is GDPR compliant. It can be easily integrated with any ESP or CRM and offers free bulk verification for up to 1 million records. It also provides detailed analysis reports that can be downloaded. The tool is simple to use and offers a number of other features, such as allowing you to specify which pages or forms you want to verify. It can also be used on Google Sheets and other data sources and supports team accounts.

Emailvalidator is a real-time email verification web service that works in real time to help businesses reduce bounces and ensure that they are reaching their target audience. It uses a variety of methods to determine the validity of an email address, including checking against spam traps and monitoring blacklists. It also checks for the existence of a domain and identifies known disposable email service providers. It can be integrated with any ESP and is suitable for both B2B and B2C emails.

The email validator from Precisely is a cloud-based software that can be used by anyone, from a startup to Fortune 50 companies. It is easy to set up and offers a flexible API that can be integrated with any system. It can verify up to 1 million records in under three hours and can process both csv and text files. It has a variety of plans based on the number of verifications, from free to a monthly subscription.

Designed specifically for email marketers, Mailboxlayer is an API that uses advanced technology to identify fake and inactive email IDs. It checks for various errors, identifies free email providers, and provides did-you-mean suggestions to improve email quality. Its robust grammar check, SMTP check, and syntax check prevent bogus registrations, reduce spam complaints, and keep your lists clean and effective. It also offers a wide range of SDKs for different development platforms and integrates seamlessly into your application in just a few lines of code.