Xerox has been the number one provider of industrial inkjet coding printer for over 35 years. They are a quality brand with many satisfied customers and stand behind every single printer that they sell. Their newer printers offer many new features not available on older models. Xerox is a family of companies that produce, manufacture, sell, and service all parts of the world. They have manufacturing plants in the United States, Europe, Japan, and China.

industrial inkjet coding printer

CYCJET CO., Ltd. guangdong project ink jet technology Co., ltd. Commercial vehicles, manufacturing and assembly work. Product feature: innovation; durability; economical; color touch screen. CYCJET is a well known company in the worldwide business market. It was founded by Yang M. Lu in 1974. They are a fully functioning unit still continuing to grow today.

Compatible with almost all types of computers. They have a complete range of industrial inkjet coding printers. The products of this company are designed to meet any high quality printing requirements. The products from this supplier have always been highly efficient and durable.

LTM Industries, Incorporated UV Ink Jet Technology Co., LTM is another manufacturer of high performance industrial inkjet coding and lamination machines. They offer a complete line of high performance machines ranging from the simple super-small coder up to the extremely large and complex super-large coder/lamination machines. LTM offers an extensive line of high performance industrial inkjet printers and marking machines. They also manufacture UV inkjet ink for industrial and label making applications. The UV ink from this supplier can be used with a wide variety of machines including fax machines, copiers, printers, and laminators.

A well known name in the industrial inkjet coding and lamination industry. They are widely recognized as suppliers of top-quality and performance inkjet printers and marking machines. Their machines are built on the same quality and standards as the more expensive brands. They offer a complete line of high volume and high performance industrial inkjet cabling and printers.

BMAX is a global leader in the manufacture and sale of industrial printing machine products. Their product offerings encompass cabling options, machine accessories, cartridges, and even printers. You will find many BMAX products available online at a number of vendors. They have an extensive product line for industrial use that is continually being updated and improved upon. The company’s coding and lamination products are designed to provide a long lasting service and a clean, quality printed work surface.

Another popular brand that incorporates cutting-edge ink jet technology is Quatech. They are known for their durability, reliability, and performance. They offer a large variety of high performance and standard cabling systems. Quatech also offers a variety of machine accessory options, including ink cartridges and industrial adhesive labels. They are able to customize any machine they produce. They offer flexible options for custom fit coding and lamination.

Nautilus is a leader in the coding and lamination industry. They use an innovative quilting process to give their printers an extended life span. When considering your printing requirements, take a close look at the Nautilus product line. You may want to investigate their automatic retract-self-cleaning technology. This is a highly advanced technology which enables the machine to automatically remove itself after printing or other actions, such as a manual repositioning.

Another brand that offers a fastjet and high quality printing solution is the EverClean XP. It offers exceptional value with a comprehensive selection of features. For example, it has a two-sided die cut system. They use a patented UV curing process for maximum color accuracy, low emission, and speed and consistency.

A popular brand that uses a combination of methods to create a high quality print out is the Nisko Expedia FastJet CS-1000 series. The machine is fully digital and uses a high-speed, fully variable-speed drive. They use a unique Continuous Ink Jet System (CIGS), which enables them to produce high volume, reliable color and text coding consistently every time. Their Continuous Ink Jet System also allows them to use various flavors of colored inks, depending on what you need.

When searching for an industrial ink jet printer, it is important to focus on factors such as overall performance, printhead durability, and long service life. It is also advisable to ask about customer support and whether or not the machine comes with accessories such as a nozzle adaptor and cleaning brushes. Be sure to take into consideration other factors such as ink type, printing resolution, and number of pages per cartridge. If you are running an office that generates a lot of paperwork, then consider spending more on a good industrial unit such as the Nisko CPC 2800 series. This printer has a very long service life and can easily print over 1000 sheets per hour. It comes with a robust duplexers and a crisp, clear text finish.